Petrovac is 28km away from Tivat, 12km from Budva, 38km from Podgorica and 20km from Bar.

It has 2 beaches: the Main beach also known as Petrovac beach which is 800m long, and Lučice beach, which is 200m long and it is 500m southeast from the city center. Approximately 100m west from the coast are two islets, “Katič“ and “ Sveta Neđelja“, which are city’s popular attractions. Apart from that, northwest from the Petrovac, there is a small marine, and also the castle “Kastio”.


The city beach is 600m long and it is one of the most beautiful in this part of the Adriatic. The beach is a combination of sand and pebbles.


45 KM

The biggest airport in Montenegro is located about 45km northeast from Petrovac and can be reached in only 40min using the tunnel “Sozine”. The national airline “Montenegro Airlines” offers flights to Belgrade, Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Ljubljana, Rome and Paris. Last year, Montenegro was introduced with low-cost flights; therefore it is also connected with Berlin, Munich, Brussels, London, Stockholm, Moscow, Milan and Kiev.


28 KM

Tivat Airport, northwest of Petrovac, is only 28km away from it and in the high season is mostly used for charter flights. Throughout the whole year Montenegrin airline “Montenegro Airlines” and Serbian airline “Air Serbia” connect Tivat and Belgrade with a lot of European and worldwide destinations.


82 KM

Dubrovnik airport in Croatia is 82km northwest from Petrovac and there is no bigger European city that is not connected to it by low-cost flights.

Petrovac by the sea – carefully saved piece of paradise

Petrovac, which used to be a small fisherman’s and sailor’s village, still has the remains of its history that dates from ancient times. From the 3rd century Roman mosaics to the 16th century Venetian fortress Kastel Lastva, which also used to be the name of the town in the past. Today, Petrovac is an exclusive place for vacation at the Adriatic. It is located on Montenegrin coast between towns of Budva and Bar, and only 45km away from the capital city Podgorica. The town has nearly 300 sunny days in a year. Its over hundred years old pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation, magical mix of different scents, such as iodine and herbs, olive trees, pomegranate, lemons, oranges, sweet bay and the sound of the waves and tranquility make this town authentic and special.

Both long saved tradition of fishing and customs showed through folklore of the local people, and gastronomic offer for this climate that is characterized by always fresh, healthy food prepared by local traditional recipes, make Petrovac both village and town.

In summer, you can take part in different types of parties and celebrations that are long time tradition of this area. Great example is the ceremony that celebrates fish and wine, Petrovac Nights, when local people prepare and share fish and wine along the promenade offering them for free to city’s visitors; they enjoy listening to music and celebrating until late at night. The celebration lasts all day and night, and on that day, but also on all other days, you will enjoy Petrovac and all the hospitality that benevolent local people offer. Besides the traditional celebrations, Children’s Theatre Festival and other cultural entertaining manifestations, there is also Petrovac Jazz Festival, which every August, hosts jazz musicians from all over the world. Yes, that is Petrovac for all the jazz musicians at the sea… While walking along the coastal promenade you can feel the authentic spirit of the locals, see interesting souvenir shops, and in one of the many restaurants you can treat yourself with an amazing meal from the fish menu accompanied with delicious Montenegrin wines of indigenous wine grape varieties. The walk in coastal Montenegrin towns is like travelling through time. Mystical passages open your mind as it becomes even more curious, your spirit gets excited, and your thoughts are wavering as you are listening to one of the legends whose main topics are impossible and sad love stories, the sea, the gods… And their setting is right where you are standing.

That is Petrovac, discovered but yet not ruined pearl of the Adriatic. It keeps its long traditon, but it does not stay behind the modern standards and values of comfortable 21st century life. The beaches in Petrovac (the City beach and Lučice beach) are like the ones in hidden dips, clean peaceful with the offing view. If you painted Petrovac in two colors, it would be blue and green. The sky, the sea, the offing are blue, the background would be green and the mountains, which from the above observe the magical view of the coast.

It is believed that the scent of the sea in Petrovac is unique, an it cannot be found anywhere else, and that the colors when the Sun sets make Petrovac mystical, an oasis of relaxing vacation, just like the one you deserve and are dreaming of. This is the carefully saved piece of paradise, just for you.


17 KM


40 KM


21 KM


48 KM